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Want to spend LESS time struggling with horses...
And MORE time enjoying them?

'Your Key to Success with Horses' - Shows You How!

Beautiful, intelligent and majestic, horses are amazing animals. But they’re incredibly powerful too...

And that power makes them unintentionally dangerous.

No one wants to feel nervous or - even worse - scared around their horse.

As a rider, you want to feel safesecure, and in complete control every time you sit in the saddle... 

And that’s why I created 'Your Key to Success with Horses'...

No matter your expertise, no matter your discipline, this program is the key to unlocking the mental barriers separating you from your horse. 

So Who Am I?

My name is Steve Brinkworth - I’m an internationally recognised trainer, rider and horse behaviour specialist.

More importantly, I’ve been in the saddle for just shy of 40 years.

As both a veteran rider and teacher, I want to tell you something...

If you have ever felt isolated, frustrated or nervous on your horse, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There are riders all over Australia (and the world) who have felt the exact same way you feel now.

How do I know?—because I’ve coached them.

I’ve helped thousands of clients just like you with every conceivable type of horse and horse-related concern.

I’ve spent decades teaching riders a concise, practical approach to riding - an approach that allows for a more

fluid, natural, carefree horse-human relationship. 

Why Did I Create This Program?

- Because I want you to feel completely COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT on your horse.

- Because I KNOW you can master my program, regardless of your age or experience. 

- Because too many horse-training programs are LITTERED with
but are LACKING in actual horsemanship.

- Because I love horses and helping the people who ride them.

- Because I don’t want you to 'manage' your horse’s negative behaviour - I want you to eliminate it. 

- Because I want to help you DELETE the negative behaviours of your horse in an ethical, healthy and SAFE way.

This program is my chance to answer ALL your questions, address ALL your concerns and help you and your horse to think and move as ONE.  

So What’s Covered?

'Your Key to Success with Horses' offers instruction and mastery in the following:

  • My 7 simple steps to horse mastery, and how + when to apply them
  • The key to quickly and easily solving ANY behaviour problem
  • Why everything you do as a rider matters
  • The basics of equestrian Bio-Mechanics - before your horse can behave correctly, it needs to move correctly

  • How to develop your natural “horse-whisperer” habits
  • The magic of teaching your horse to Self-Medicate™ the formula that instantly enhances your horse’s trust, behaviour, and relationship with you
  • How just 10 minutes a day can make a massive difference in the relationship you have with your horse
  • Plus much, MUCH more...

Your program includes:

  • First-hand transformations with horses of all ages, breeds, backgrounds and disciplines
  • More than 25 hours of supportive instruction and expert coaching
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand explanations and demonstrations
  • Interviews with actual clients on location all around Australia

How do I get my lessons from Steve?

'Your Key to Success with Horses' will be delivered by registered mail in our signature, 100% guaranteed
key-shaped USB flash drive.

 The USB flash drive is professionally programmed with more than 25 hours of meticulous instruction directly from me, Steve Brinkworth. 



Meet some of Steve Brinkworth’s students:

Here are just a few testimonials and photos I’ve received from happy horse owners who have successfully completed the 'Your Key to Success with Horses' program.

These are riders just like you, who were struggling, but are now out and about, enjoying their calm, well-mannered, happy horses.

Amanda.E and Whiz
Amanda E. and Whiz

“Whiz is really calm now, the most well mannered horse.

Everyone comments on how nice and chilled he is! 
I put this down to the fantastic Start he had with you Steve and the coaching you've given us since. 

I couldn't be happier with his behaviour and attitude” 

Dr. Elise and Shimmer
Dr. Elise and Shimmer

"Before doing Horsemanship Essentials, I was a bit fearful, lacked confidence in myself & trust in my horses - I was stuck & really had no idea how to move forward.

Worse, I was letting my own fear & insecurity limit my daughters ability to be the great horsewoman I believe she will become.

This program provided me with the tools and a mindset to go forward calmly, confidently and positively" 

Alice W. and Arizona
Alice W. and Arizona

"She is honestly a different horse, I just can't believe it.

She's gone from being an absolute stress head about everything, with
no trust in anyone, to a calm, trusting, beautiful animal."'

"Nothing short of mind blowing”

"the best horse to load onto the float"

"I honestly wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes" 

"I'm sure we can overcome any problems that may arise"



Rhiannan B. and Bear

"We have both learnt so much"

"You gave us the skills we needed to progress and we haven't looked back"

"I can't thank you both enough"

"I'm just utterly amazed at how some simple skills can really change things!"

Michelle N. and Spider
Michelle N. and Spider

"Steve is brilliant in passing on his a very personable way which made the lessons easy & fun".

"My young, arrogant & very large gelding…was “walking all over me”. Together we quickly learnt a new leadership position which allowed me to handle him safely & peacefully". 

"I can highly recommend Steve to any horse person"

Tracy C. with 21 Horses!

"This course has filled the gaps in my training knowledge perfectly.

I am a much more confident horse-person. I am now less fearful of new situations as a result of the excellent training I have received.

I have a new found confidence in my own capabilities as a horsewoman".

"[Steve & Sally are] the most incredible horse people who are living proof that there is a better way for all horses…" 

While you won't be taught the finer details of 'Grand Prix Dressage' moves in this training...

You WILL be taught all of the steps necessary to put a correct foundation in place for ANY higher level movements. These fundamental steps apply to every horse, in any discipline. 

There is just SO much 'GOLD' in 'Your Key to Success with Horses' 

  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Ride your horse gently, safely and calmly
  • Eliminating vices like biting, bucking, and kicking
  • Cure the head-shy horse
  • Solve ANY other problem behaviour

Even the "Little" things!


  • Being EASY to catch
  • Standing STILL for saddling
  • Picking up their hooves

After all, it really is the "Little" things that make a 'BIG' difference with Horses!

And you name's covered in 'Your Key to Success with Horses'

OK Steve—how much does it cost?

I love that question because a program like this SHOULD cost THOUSANDS...

...but it doesn’t.

I’m a life-long horseman, with a passion for learning, teaching and promoting horse welfare...

...And the easiest way for me to do that is to get 'Your Key to Success with Horses' into the hands of as many riders and owners as possible.

By helping people just like you become truly GREAT with horses, I create a better world for horses and the people who ride them.

Which means I can’t charge an arm and a leg. 

So...For just $347 you can own 'Your Key to Success with Horses'

This is your chance to become the cool, confident rider you’ve always wanted to be, for just a few hundred dollars.

Remember - this is knowledge and expertise you’re going to OWN for the rest of your life.

Knowledge and expertise you can use, not just with your own horses, but with families and friends horses as well.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and become your own horse whisperer TODAY!

Horsemanship Essentials: Home Study Program 'Your Key to Success with Horses' 

In Stock. Ships within 24 Hours. 

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