About Steve Brinkworth and "Horsemanship Essentials"
Horsemanship Essentials

Steve Brinkworth has a lifetime of experience with horses. He is a gifted horseman and truly great teacher. Born in South Australia, Steve's horsemanship life started in 1979 when his parents bought 'Charlie,' a small horse of dubious and unknown origins! From there, the horse bug had set in and the Brinkworth family were hooked! Together they created "Flinders Rides" - a horse trekking, adventure tourism company based at Stockport Stables in South Australia. As a family, the Brinkworth's organised large groups of horses and riders on 'week' long trail rides, to trek through the magnificent Flinders Ranges, in outback South Australia.


Over the next few years Steve and his family spent countless hours trail riding and also became very successful Endurance riders. Steve and his horses completed many hours and miles together, including a couple of the now famous, Tom Quilty endurance rides. Each time Steve was presented with the highly respected "Quilty" buckle. Having spent literally thousands of hours in the saddle, with his Arabian Stallion 'Paladdin Sayyid' Steve won numerous trophies, including the coveted 'High Point, Pure Arabian, Endurance Horse of the Year'.

All of this experience on horseback, with customers and in the tourism industry, helped Steve develop many skills that he would turn to later on in life. After more than 20 years of successful operation, the national horse industry "insurance woes" of the new millennium, forced the closure of trail riding at Stockport Stables. Steve moved to Victoria and turned his attention to helping people with their own horses.Until then, he had not realized just how isolated and difficult people were finding life with their horses.

He was amazed at the number of people wanting help with every conceivable type of horse and horse related problem. Starting with just a handful of home made advertisements put up around town, Steve soon became very busy! 'Word of mouth' had taken over and in 2001 "Horsemanship Essentials" was born. Through his many years of teaching both humans and horses, Steve has developed a practical, concise and simple approach to helping both horses and their owners.
His friendly nature and easy going personality soon puts both student and horse at ease.

When following Steve's methods, students consistently achieve great results with their horses and go on to develop a wonderful horse - human relationship. Knowing that one can never stop learning, Steve is still a keen student himself. He continues to study from both a dressage and western perspective and has attended many and various clinics all over the world. With an extremely open mind, Steve continues to learn, attend clinics, read and be coached by others at every opportunity.

"Steve creates a fantastic learning environment, which enables the student to achieve amazing results with their horses. His clinics are informative, educational and full of practical solutions... but most of all, they are FUN!"