Steve Coaching - Sally Catching
A 'Horsemanship Essentials' Training Video...(Scroll down to watch)

Stockport S.A. 2012

"Hi Everyone, this is Sally Brinkworth...
I know I've been out of action for a while, but I never thought I'd
have any trouble catching a horse!...
(After all, I've been a student of horsemanship since I was 9 years old!)...Well, embarrassing as it is...
I couldn't catch this one!
Here at 'Horsemanship Essentials', when we talk about doing anything
with horses, it's always our goal for the horse to be a willing participant.

Of course there are plenty of ways I could have cornered, trapped or tricked this horse into being caught...but that's not what we wanted. I certainly don't have the energy for "wrangling" and that's not what the horse needed. (He would have just endedup a blubbering mess!)

As you will see in this video, by taking the time the horse needed, combined with Steve's exceptional coaching, I manage to get my energy and body language right, resulting in a remarkable transformation in the horse, mentally, physically and emotionally.

As you watch, notice that "the devil is in the details"...small things make a BIG difference to horses.

And it honestly never ceases to amaze me how gifted Steve is at seeing the small details!
I hope you enjoy this video."


P.S: hair has not gone grey! - I'm wearing a bandana under my cap!! 
P.S.S: Video may take a sec' to load...

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