Discover How to Start (Break-in) Young Horses:  
Safely, Gently and Calmly From Scratch...With NO Bucking!


Discover Amazingly Effective Horse Training Techniques
that YOU Can Apply to ANY Horse…

Regardless Of Your Previous Experience!


“Hands down the BEST clinic I have ever been to!”
  (Tracy C. Coffs Harbour, N.S.W. 2014)

Steve is a gifted horseman with a lifetime of experience, but importantly for his students,
he is a truly great teacher of people too.

During his many years of starting (breaking-in) young horses and re-educating 'problem'
horses, Steve has developed his own unique training process, which consistently creates
a calm and responsive horse.

When starting a young horse Steve believes:

  • The safety of the horse and handler are paramount
  • Prevention is always better than Cure
  • Never teach a horse something that you don't want him to know

The goal is for the horse to never buck or to ever feel the need to buck. Steve knows from experience that bucking is not a necessary part of the horse starting process. 

Bucking is either the result of the horse being terrified and unprepared or NOT knowing
what else to do. Steve always sets both himself and the horse up for success. 

Four AWESOME Days...A Lifetime of Benefits!

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Teaching calm and effective methods, the horses welfare is the number one priority at all
times. Having said that, if the horse reacts aggressively, Steve will not back down,
instead he will persistently keep applying 'pressure' until the horse chooses a different
answer. At this point timing is everything and Steve will release the pressure the second
the horse finds the right answer.

With the above principles always in mind, the horse is first assessed to see what he already knows and what his primary response to a stressful situation will be. When the horse sees something as a threat, will he fight or take flight? Will he shut down and become dormant or will he panic and put himself at risk?

Steve teaches the horse an alternative to reacting instinctively. 

The horse is taught to find a different answer by learning to drop his head, think and relax. Incredibly, all horses learn this very quickly and once they know the new "answer" they choose it, simply because to them, it feels better.

Next the horse is taught to understand a series of cues, which communicate to the horse how he should behave. Once the horse understands the cues, he is then taught to be obedient to the cues. These are not seperate steps, they go hand in hand. As the horse learns, he needs to respond correctly.

Of course, just as one cannot learn to swim from reading a book, (everyone knows you must
get into the water to learn to swim!) starting young horses cannot be learned from 
about it.
 Starting young horses is truly an Experiential learning process. (You must 'Experience' starting horses to be any good at it)

An experience that is best learned in a safe environment, under careful, expert supervision.
Steve's Horse Breaking Course offers just that.
Participants are guided step by step, (every step of the way) from catching the unbroken horse right through to riding and covering everything in between.

Four AWESOME Days...A Lifetime of Benefits!

For Full Details, Including...

  • The Price
  • The Dates
  • and F.A.Q's (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Here's what Elise S. from Victoria had to say:

"Before doing Steve Brinkworth's Horse Starting Course, I was a bit fearful, lacked confidence in myself and trust in my horses... I was stuck and really had no idea how to move forward.

Worse, I was letting my own fear and insecurity limit my daughters ability to be the great horsewoman I believe she will become.

I love my horses and wanted to feel relaxed and effective around them and provide my daughter with leadership and mentoring in handling them... Click Here to Continue..