Horse Starting Course "NON-Hands-On" Participants

So just what is "NON-Hands-on" ???

Well, we can tell you what it's NOT... 

It's NOT Passive 'Fence-Sitting'... 

But it's NOT "Hands-on" with horses either...

Our 'Horse Starting Course' is just that... a COURSE 

It's NOT a 'Clinic' :-) 
The Horse Starting Course is carefully structured and follows a format that has been designed and refined over many years. 
To increase Your learning, Your confidence and Your self-esteem, the groups are deliberately kept small and friendly.
We've learned from experience that passive 'Fence-Sitters' are often NOT 100% committed, tending to 'come and go' as they please. This results in fragmented information and is very disruptive to your group. 
Our number one priority is to YOU the participant. You've invested yourself in the course, you need to feel great.

However, we also understand there are lots of different reasons why joining in the hands-on exercises my not suit you. And that people learn differently... so we came up with a compromise:

  • As a "NON-Hands-on" Participant, you are fully immersed in the course
  • You get ALL the information.

  • You'll observe all the transformational Horse Training sessions

  • You also participate in all Lectures, Simulations and Classroom Q & A's

  • You'll receive all the vital components of the Horse Starting Course

  • Including Your Own Comprehensive Manual

Are you less confident, less experienced or less physically able?

Or do you just prefer to learn without your Horse and practice in your own time?

If so, "Non Hands-On" is a great option for You...

The good news? The fee is less than half without your own horse.

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