Success Stories
And A Message From Steve:

"Thank You"

To all the wonderful horse-people who take the time to write and keep me updated on their progress, 'Thank You'. 

I'm always humbled receiving your letters of gratitude and I love receiving such positive feedback.

It's great to know you're succeedingit keeps me doing what I do.

While it's not possible to list everyone's letters/ posts/ texts here, please know I'm grateful to you just the same! 

So many people enjoying their horses - and horses enjoying their humans - it's truly a "win-win-win" for all of us! 

Keep the good news coming!


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Alice and Arizona

"Hi Steve and Sally,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Arizona, since she has been back from your place.  She is honestly a different horse, I just can't believe it. 

She has gone from being an absolute stress head about everything, with no trust in anyone, to a calm, trusting, beautiful animal.


She comes up from the paddock to greet me, and is the best horse to load onto the float and travel that I have ever had.  

I have had her to many rallies and one competition (where she got Reserve Led and Champion Ridden) and she handles it no problems.

I am convinced that without your work with her, she wouldn't be what she is today, in fact I think I would have very reluctantly moved her on, because she was way too much horse for me. 

Your training is amazing Steve.

The other day when I asked for your help to overcome her drastic needle shyness was nothing short of mind blowing. I had a vet to her last week and we were not able to inject her and this was not the first time.  


To see you able to work with her for just a few minutes and then inject her calmly the way you did, I honestly wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. 

I will keep working on those principles that you have shown me and
I'm sure we can overcome any problems that may arise."

Thanks heaps again Steve.


Alice W - Victoria


Amanda Edwards competing with Wonderful Whiz at his 2nd Horse Trials
Whiz was Started by Steve in 2008

"Hi Steve and Sally,

Just wanted to send you this photo of Whiz doing his 2nd Horse Trials - A top team trophy event for HRCAV.

He was an absolute legend as always. Hopped off the float calmly, did a lovely calm dressage test, managed a mind boggling cross country course and a fantastic show jumping round to finish off.

I couldn't be happier with his behaviour and attitude. These events are big, with over 300 riders. It's pretty daunting but Whiz is a really calm customer these days!

Everyone comments on how nice and chilled he is.

I put this down to the fantastic Start he had with you Steve and the coaching you've given us since. 

Whiz is the most special and well mannered horse I have ever owned and I owe this to you."

Amanda Edwards -

Amanda Edwards - Victoria -

The magnificent horse pictured below is Spider
Started by Steve

“I have known Steve for (many) years now and have used his services on several occasions.  I first had lessons with Steve to help with the handling of my young, arrogant and very large gelding who was “walking all over me”.  

Together we quickly learnt a new leadership position which allowed me to handle him safely and peacefully.  

My daughter was also having troubles with her strong pony and was quickly losing confidence, they also became to have a good partnership through Steve’s guidance.  

Steve is brilliant in passing on his skills to both adults and children in a very personable way which made the lessons easy and fun for us both.  


When it came time to back my gelding there was no question that Steve would be the one to do it and what a great job he did. My gelding came back with all the basics in place and it gave me all the confidence to get on and ride him. 

Now my filly is ready to be backed and she is off to Steve as well to get the right start.  I am very confident that she will return a settled and confident  riding horse.  

I can highly recommend Steve to any horse person.”



Michelle Nichols - Macedon Sport Horses - Victoria

From Death Row to Super-Star! 
(With lots of love in between)

We first met Archie back in 2008, he was just a baby and had been rescued from the knackery...yes, literally. His previous human Katie, saved him right out of the slaughter paddock...

Archie was totally unhandled, frightened of everything and very thin and malnourished.
He also had Strangles. 

Katie put her heart and soul into saving Archie. He needed a lot of time, patience and devotion (don't we all?!) and once he was feeling better, Archie came in for a few weeks of preliminary training with Steve.

About a year later, when Archie was well and had grown strong enough, Katie sent him back to Steve to be started (broken-in) and Archie began his new, 'well & happy' life as a riding horse.

He now lives with his new human, Annike and together they currently compete level 3 HRCAV. We've been told Archie loves jumping, that he's an AWESOME horse and is quite the character!


Annike and Archie- From Death Row to Super-Star!

Amanda N. and Matilda
From "NO Hope" to Magic!

"Thank you Steve for giving my 'troublesome' 3 year old quarter horse mare a future.

After spending a lot of money on bloodlines, training and breaking with a well known western trainer, I was returned a rearing, stressed out and very confused young horse. 

She was unrideable and resorted to rearing whenever thing didn't go her way, which was pretty regularly.  

The breeder and trainer, despite the thousands of dollars I had spent, stated, the amount of time needed to put into her to try and fix the rearing was not worth it.
He recommended putting her down !!

I contacted Steve and asked for his help. What can I say, after four lessons we have a new girl.  

Steve communicates like a master with horses. He makes the communication effortless for the horse to understand and lays down the boundaries in a calm, kind but firm way. A way my mare very quickly understood. She is now learning to be respectful, obedient and to try her hardest.

The method of rewarding the desired behaviours and making the undesirable behaviours uncomfortable is so simple in theory but when applied correctly and consistently works magic. 

I was very intimidated to say the least by this mare, and Steve has taught me how to implement his methods, so I can continue successfully on my own between sessions. 

This has been very empowering.

I cannot speak highly enough of Steve's horsemanship skills and people skills. 

I have gone from having a dangerous, dominating, confused and highly stressed mare, to one that is now listening, waiting for direction, relaxed and happy to work with me.

She is now a lovely pleasurable horse to be around that is now always trying to please thanks to Steve's brilliant training and direction. Looking forward to continuing with the great results into the future.

Thanks for everything Steve."

Amanda N and Matilda - Victoria - From "NO Hope" to Magic!

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