Want To Spend LESS Time Struggling With Horses... And MORE Time Enjoying Them?
Here's The Quickest, Easiest & Safest Way To Become Really GREAT With Horses...


Horsemanship Essentials Home Study Program Your Key To Success With Horses

Horsemanship Essentials Home Study Program - Your Key To Success With Horses
The Super Simple, Most Effective and Humane Way To Train ANY Horse...

(Even if you're a Complete Beginner)    


Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Steve Brinkworth is an internationally recognised, Horse Behaviour Specialist.

Steve has developed a unique and proven training system that ANYONE can learn, regardless of your age or horse experience.

In this extensive Home Study Program you'll witness first hand the amazing transformations of each and every horse, as Steve demonstrates his unique step-by-step process with:

  • More than 25 HOURS of Training, Lessons and Coaching by Steve
  • With Detailed, Easy to Understand, Explanations and Demonstrations
  • Filmed Live on Locations Around Australia, with Actual Clients
  • Multiple Horses of Different Ages, Breeds and Backgrounds

But Wait! Before You Race To Click The 'BUY NOW' Button...You Need To Know This:

This is NOT one of those fluffy, Hollywood 'feel good' shows!

There is NO Pomp and NO Glamour!

NO matching uniforms or fancy manicured lawns.

Some of the horses may even be dirty at times (!!)

Steve is the real deal. A true Aussie Horseman (who has spent his life, nearly ALL day, every day, with horses)...

In this program, filmed while working and at live events, Steve works with horses, coaches his real clients, doing real horse training, while demonstrating techniques that REALLY work!

Most importantly: Steve clearly explains each and every part of his process; Including WHAT to do and WHY he's doing it.

That way, like so many of Steve's students, YOU can be inspired and empowered to achieve the same results at home.

Here's just a 'snippet' of what you'll find in "Your Key to Success with Horses"...

So What's Covered?

With Steve's original style and humour (and with seventeen different horses) these entertaining, un-choreographed videos show you:

  • How to Quickly and Easily Solve ANY Problem Horse Behaviour 
  • The Basics of Bio-mechanics; How to teach your horse to move correctly, so he's able do the things you ask of him
  • Why everything you do matters
  • How to create great habits that will make you look like a natural 'Horse Whisperer' to everyone you meet
  • The magic of teaching your horse to Self-Medicate™ 
    (This is Steve's "Secret-Sauce" You'll instantly TRANSFORM your horses trust, 
    behaviour and relationship with You)
  • Seriously, you will not believe how AWESOME Self-Medicate™ is... until you see it with your own eyes! (You'll be the envy of all your horsey friends once you've learned this!)
  • The little-known tricks to make your horse LOVE You... Add this to your training mix and you'll never have to worry about 'catching' again... Your horse will be cantering up to you in the paddock (and NO... it doesn't involve food!)
  • Why you don't need as much time as you think. Just 10 minutes a day, or a couple of sessions a week can make a massive difference
  • Steve's seven simple (but most important) steps to remember every time you're with your horse... PLUS How and When to apply them
  • And there's SO much more...


We KNOW the 'Horsemanship Essentials' Program works. We KNOW the techniques are simple to apply. AND we know they work for EVERY horse, every time, NO exceptions.

But You Don't Need To Take Our Word For It...

We constantly receive written testimonials and photos from happy horse-owners who've applied Steve's Unique 'Horsemanship Essentials' Program and are 'out and about', enjoying their NOW calm, well-mannered and happy horses...

(Just a Quick Question: When was the last time you were SO happy with something that you just had to write to the supplier of that product or service and Thank them for changing your life?!... Not Often Right?!!) 

Here are just a few snippets sent in by happy horse-owners now enjoying their calm, well-mannered and happy horses...

Amanda.E and Whiz
Amanda E. and Whiz

“Whiz is really calm now, the most well mannered horse.

Everyone comments on how nice and chilled he is! 

I put this down to the fantastic Start he had with you Steve and the coaching you've given us since. 

I couldn't be happier with his behaviour and attitude” 

Dr. Elise and Shimmer
Dr. Elise and Shimmer

"Before doing Horsemanship Essentials, I was a bit fearful, lacked confidence in myself & trust in my horses - I was stuck & really had no idea how to move forward.

Worse, I was letting my own fear & insecurity limit my daughters ability to be the great horsewoman I believe she will become.

This program provided me with the tools and a mindset to go forward calmly, confidently and positively" 

Alice W. and Arizona
Alice W. and Arizona

"She is honestly a different horse, I just can't believe it.

She's gone from being an absolute stress head about everything, with
no trust in anyone, to a calm, trusting, beautiful animal."'

"Nothing short of mind blowing" 

"the best horse to load onto the float"

"I honestly wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes" 

"I'm sure we can overcome any problems that may arise"



Rhiannan B. and Bear

"We have both learnt so much"

"You gave us the skills we needed to progress and we haven't looked back"

"I can't thank you both enough"

 "I'm just utterly amazed at how some simple skills can really change things!"  

Michelle N. and Spider
Michelle N. and Spider

"Steve is brilliant in passing on his skills...in a very personable way which made the lessons easy & fun".

"My young, arrogant & very large gelding…was “walking all over me”. Together we quickly learnt a new leadership position which allowed me to handle him safely & peacefully". 

"I can highly recommend Steve to any horse person"

Tracy C. with 21 Horses!

"This course has filled the gaps in my training knowledge perfectly.

I am a much more confident horse-person. I am now less fearful of new situations as a result...

I have a new found confidence in my own capabilities as a horsewoman".

"[Steve & Sally are] the most incredible horse people who are living proof that there is a better way for all horses…" 

So here's what you get in the  

Horsemanship Essentials
*Home Study Program*

Your Key To Success With Horses

  • Signature, Key Shaped, 32GB USB (That's HUGE!) Flash Drive
  • Professionally Loaded with more than 25 hours of lessons and coaching covering virtually EVERYTHING you need to know about training horses
  • Protected ('snug-as-a-bug') in it's own Groovy Little Tin :)
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Posted Safely To Your Door By Registered Mail

Horsemanship Essentials - Home Study Program - Your Ket To Success With Horses

"WHY" did we choose a USB Flash Drive instead of DVD's?

For a few reasons:

  • USB's are the way of the future - they have such enormous storage capacity, they're portable and resilient
  • The 'U' in USB stands for 'Universal', which means it plays on ANY device with a USB port - Computers, Lap-tops, Smart T.V's etc
  • It costs NOTHING to run - meaning you will not use any of your valuable data while viewing, so you can play it over and over again, worry free

PLUS there is just SO much content on 'Your Key to Success with Horses' it would have taken dozens of DVD's to deliver the same amount...

The 'Your Key To Success With Horses' USB is 32GB... That's HUGE!

Isn't technology amazing?!

Horsemanship Essentials - Your Key To Success With Horses - Home Study program


While you won't be taught the finer details of 'Grand Prix Dressage' in this training...

You WILL be taught all of the steps necessary to put a correct foundation in place for ANY higher level movements. 

These fundamental foundational steps apply to every horse, in any discipline. 

There is just SO much 'GOLD' in 'Your Key to Success with Horses' 

Horsemanship Essentials - Your Key To Success With Horses - Home Study Program

  • You'll improve your confidence
  • Ride your horse safely, gently and calmly
  • Eliminate vices like biting, bucking, and kicking
  • Cure the head-shy horse or horse that won't be tied-up
  • Solve ANY other problem behaviour

Even the "Little" things Like...

  • Being EASY to catch
  • Standing STILL for saddling
  • Picking up their hooves

After all, it really is the "Little" things that make a 'BIG' difference with Horses!

And you name it...it's covered in 'Your Key to Success with Horses'

Sounds great... so what's it cost?

What SHOULD it cost?

Well it 'should' cost thousands... and if you had to learn all of this the hard way (like Steve has) it would cost thousands.

But it's not thousands...

Because that's not how Steve rolls ;-)

Steve is a life-long horseman, with a passion for learning and teaching and he's committed to promoting horse welfare...

His mission in life is to:

"Secure the future of as many horses as possible, by giving them the skills to cope in this human world"

But he can't do that alone! He needs your help. The best way for Steve to achieve his mission, is to pass on his quickest, easiest and safest methods to heart-centred horse people just like you.

Empowering more people to become really GREAT with horses is a win-win for people and horses alike.

That's why Steve created 'Your Key to Success with Horses' 

In this amazing program, Steve shares ALL of his most effective horsemanship secrets. Secrets he has discovered and refined during his lifetime of experience, working with literally thousands of horses.

Secrets that up until now, have only been available to those fortunate enough to work with Steve one-on-one (or paid $1495.00 to attend live at his 5 Day intensive 'NO Buck!' Horse Training Course)

So 'No'... it's NOT gonna cost you thousands...

Right now, you can own 'Your Key to Success with Horses' for just $347 

*** Breaking News: Save $150 - On Sale Now! See Below ***

This is your chance to become the calm, confident rider your horse needs you to be.

Remember - this is knowledge and expertise you’re going to OWN for the rest of your life.

Knowledge and expertise you can use, not just with your own horses, but with other peoples horses as well.

So what are you waiting for? Giddy-Up! ;-)

Order NOW for just one payment of $347 $197 while stocks last

[NO more to pay] B
ecome the horse-person you've always dreamed you can be. 


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IMPORTANT: This is NOT the standard, cookie-cutter, run of the mill “Natural Horsemanship” that’s seen everywhere, costs a fortune and takes forever to learn. This program is UNIQUE. Once applied, these skills quickly and easily transform your training with ANY horse.

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